Additional services to buyers

Once a deal has been struck, buyers often require additional services. You will find the services Potato Auction offers the buyer here. Would you like to make use of these services? Then please contact the auctioneer and everything will be arranged for you. The auctioneer will provide you with a clear overview of the costs involved beforehand.

Transport, customs and documents

If you are a party from outside the Netherlands, you will be required to arrange your own transport of the lot concerned. Have you found an overseas buyer? Then you will be responsible for exporting the lot.


Perhaps you require the potatoes to be delivered in bags with your own logo, colours and/or graphics. Potato Auction can look after the bagging, including colours and prints etc, in:

  • jute bags of 10, 25 and 50 k
  • poly bags of 10 or 25 kg
  • jumbo bags of 1250 kg

Storage of purchased lots

Once you have purchased a lot, you must collect your potatoes within one month. If this is not possible for one reason or another, then Potato Auction can temporarily store the lot for you. Ask our auctioneer for the options available.

Treatment against Fusarium and silver scurf

Some overseas clients require that seed potatoes are treated with Imazalil against Fusarium and silver scurf. Potato Auction can take care of this for you. Contact the auctioneer for details of this service.

Contact us for Potato Auction's additional services