Potato Auction assures quality & safety

Honest and transparent trade, that's what we strive for at Potato Auction. What is and will remain the basis of our online potato auction is a careful process, in which we take our responsibilities entirely serious. You can read here about how we safeguard quality and safety at Potato Auction.

Quality of the auctioned potatoes

Information and criteria

Everyone offering a consignment of potatoes for sale via Potato Auction must submit a photo of the product, along with a completed questionnaire indicating the criteria the potatoes meet. If the reality does not quite live up to the information stated, then the dissatisfied buyer, along with the auctioneer will instigate immediate action. The auctioneer has the right to reject the load and not forward it for transport, block payments and/or remove the vendor from the auction site. There is absolutely no place on Potato Auction for vendors who do not stick to agreements.

Transport, customs and documents

If you are a party from outside the Netherlands, you will be required to arrange your own transport of the lot concerned. Have you found an overseas buyer? Then you will be responsible for exporting the lot.

Financial procedure: entirely secure via escrow

The financial processing of all sales concluded on Potato Auction is handled via escrow. This is a blocked bank account lodged with a neutral and trustworthy third party, the escrow agent. The escrow agent will only make a payment from the blocked bank account based on an agreement between buyer and seller. Only after both parties have confirmed that all the conditions of agreements have been met in full will the funds be released. This key step in the process allows both buyer and seller to do business on Potato Auction safely and securely. Potato Auction's escrow agent is Certo.

Have a look at the Certo website

Standard of Potato Auction users

Would you like to register as a seller on Potato Auction? You must meet a number of set criteria:

  • Packaging
    Many buyers require the potatoes to be delivered in bags. As the seller you must personally ensure this happens or arrange for someone to do this for you. Bagging must be possible in jute bags of 25 and 50 kg, in poly bags of 25 kg and in jumbo bags of 1250 kg.
  • Temporary storage of sold lots
    Once your lot has been sold, the buyer must collect the potatoes within one month. There could be all manner of reasons why this might not happen. It is therefore important that you can arrange for temporary storage in consultation with the buyer.
  • Treatment against Fusarium and silver scurf
    Some clients require that seed potatoes are treated with Imazalil against Fusarium and silver scurf. You must offer this service or have it done for you.