How to bid


Manual bidding


At 'Place bid ' the amount is showed which is a quarter euro cent above the previous bid ( or above zero in case no bid has been made yet) . By pressing the green button 'Bid' you will bid this amount.


After this , you will see an overview of the total amount which you are planning to bid. Only after pressing the green button 'Confirm bid' you will make your bid official.


At any new bid the amount will raise with a quarter of a euro cent, but you are able to bid even more by adjusting the amount manually.  A lower bid or a bid below the minimum price will not be accepted.


Automatically bidding


You may also choose for. At 'Place Autobid' you only have to adjust the amount to the maximum amount which you would like to bid.


By pressuring the green 'Bid' button you confirm your maximum bid. The system will now automatically raise the amount with a quarter cent after each bid till your maximum auto bid has been reached.


If the winning bid is yours and the lot is allocated to you, then you will receive a pro forma invoice and the auctioneer will contact you to settle the details involved in the transaction.


Buy now


A provider of a lot may publish a price for which he is willing to sell directly.


The first one who is confirming the “Buy now “ price is the one to whom the lot will be allocated to. The auction will then be closed.