Who is who at Potato Auction?

Jan Anco Wijk
Jan Anco was born and raised in the ‘potato patch’. His grandfather started cultivating seed potatoes just after World War II. Jan Anco is now in charge of the business. Many potato varieties are freely marketable, and it is this free market that Jan Anco finds so appealing. He enjoys delivering products his clients are fully satisfied with.
For five years now, Jan Anco has been working on a format to trade potatoes via the internet. It started with Dutch Seed Potatoes; a platform for, well... seed potatoes! Potato Auction was developed from this earlier concept. As the initiator and driving force behind this innovative idea, Jan Anco works passionately on something quite different from how things used to be. He is seeking to bring buyers and sellers together with Potato Auction. In the process, key values remain what they have always been; honesty and transparency.

Addy Meerlo
Addy's background is dominated by trucks. His father was in transport and young Addy took to the sector like a duck to water. Addy is entirely au fait with the grief involved when trading internationally. He is completely familiar with the entire customs process, knows exactly which vital documents are required and also, just as important, how and where to apply for these. He is the perfect person to arrange the transport as soon as a deal is struck on the Potato Auction site. A service oriented transport professional, he wants every producer to enjoy the opportunity of trading potatoes online and just loves utilising his knowledge and experience to help facilitate this.

Johan Reitsma
After studying commercial economics, Johan chose logistics. After a couple of years, he started his own transport and logistics business along with his colleague, Addy Meerlo. Johan developed as an all-round organiser, who not only took on a commercial role, but was also closely involved in organisational matters, including management, insurance, finances, contracts and quality control. Beavering behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs like clockwork is what gives Johan satisfaction. It is these superb qualities that make him indispensable at Potato Auction.
An outstanding innovation is what fires Johan’s enthusiasm. He loves nothing better than getting his teeth into new challenges and the surprises these throw up. Johan is entirely focused on making the innovative Potato Auction a resounding success.