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1 February 2019


At the " Pootaardappeldag van Delphy"  Potato Auction and tradinghouse HZPC have presented their new cooperation regarding trading potatoes on-line.

Read more in the Dutch article of  Akkerwijzer 


22 December 1018

A new lot of one of the last available Spunta E has been opened for bidding.

18 December 2018

Spunta requested :

Some importers from the Middle East have asked us for Spunta Class E , sizes 28/35 and 35/55 mm.  People who are interested to offer these , please contact our auctioneer, or e-mail j.reitsma@potatoauction.com.

3 October 2018 

Last week we have received requests out of Egypt, Cyprus and The Netherlands:

Seed potatoes Spunta and Diamant en Bintje for chips processing.

In case you would like to offer something, place your lot. Any questions or more information contact our auctioneer.  


5 September 2018

Bintje seed potatoes are being offered again, check out Lot 95

6 August 2018

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The best part of Potato Auction is that it permits you to do business on an international scale without transport and customs hassle. Thanks to the internet, the world is your oyster. People and organisations are increasingly doing business online. Are you seeking new trading partners? As a producer, you may be able to sell your potatoes for an excellent price in Chile, Germany or the Middle East. As a buyer you might just find the exact amount of potatoes you need for a favourable price in France. Potato Auction is an online auction service where you can source or sell potatoes.



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Ever experienced the following? You have 100 tonnes of potatoes for sale, but seem to get stuck with the last 10 tonnes… With Potato Auction you no longer need to be concerned about this. As a registered supplier you place your overstock for sale on the auction site and continue to make a return until the very last potato is sold.





Obstacles: language, security and transport

Language, security and transport usually present the chief obstacles to trading via the internet. For example, you may not be familiar with trading internationally. You have no idea about customs formalities or what else needs doing to ensure the potatoes end up in the right place at the right time. And how does this go with safety and security? Who guarantees that you as the seller will actually get paid, or that you as the buyer will actually get your potatoes? And how, from a distance, do you assess the quality of the potatoes? Rest assured. Potato Auction will take care of all these issues for you.

Doing business online via Potato Auction is easy, safe and transparent. And as soon as the deal is done, we support both buyer and seller until delivery has been completely to the satisfaction of all concerned. Or in other words: we provide door-to-door service.

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